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Increase Height Through Yoga and Laughter

Yoga is considered by some people as an art, by others a discipline that should guide us through life. Either way we look at it, yoga is something that leads to a more flexibility of our body, with a well-imposed role in reducing stress and ameliorating our health. Have you ever asked yourself – ” how tall will I be when i grow up?”  Well you cannot control it but can always do your best to increase your height.

Yoga vs. stretching


A fact that needs to be mentioned is that yoga is not the same as stretching. Stretching is represented by certain postures, warm-up exercises before a physical activity that requires much effort. Yoga is about creating a balance between the body and spirit and, in time, it leads to the growth of the physical resistance of the individual and its psychical wellness.

Yoga does not include only physical exercise but also breathing techniques. It can be done standing, lying down, sitting and during the exercises it is important that breathing is controlled, the two being permanently connected. The focus of the person is the basic element in the development of this activity. Nothing surrounding him should distract him.

Yoga influence growth hormone

Yoga exercises imply a special attention on breathing. It has an important role on being healthy. When the human mind is relaxed and worry-free, the release of the hormone will be higher. Stress is an inhibitor of the hormone release. Breathing exercises and meditation are therefore necessary in order to fight stress.

Laugh every single day

Aristotel considered laughing as the one thing separating us from animals. Even tough this theory was fought by upcoming research, laughing is something that implies many things about a man. Laughing, according to a proverb, is the best medicine. Of course that this saying is exaggerated because laughing cannot fix everything, but its effects seem totally beneficial. Laughing determines the body to fill up with energy.

Laughing combined with yoga exercises

Laughing leads to a better oxygenation of the cells in our body so that its functions are harmonized and optimized when combined with breathing exercises.

Laughing also contributes to the production of the growth hormone because when we laugh, the body receives the signal that there is no stress.