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Health Drink For Cancer Patient

As we all know, people are fighting with this dangerous disease cancer with the help of medicines & endless treatment. Cancer affects you in a negative ways like it makes you feel weak, low in energy or it affects your weight, hair fall & many more.

These cancer patients are also restricted with the food items, they need to take precaution & they follow a tight diet chart. Here we will discuss about some health drinks  like athletic greens review which can be a great option for patients as it is easy to make & take.

  • Vegetable soup – Vegetable soup contain some vegetables like carrot , beetroot , tomato , green onion , ginger , salt to taste & black pepper.

Health Drink For Cancer Patient - vegetables soup

  • Steps 1 – Properly wash all the vegetables & cut them into standard size.
  • Step 2 – Put all the vegetables into any container or pressure cooker with boiled water & additional ingredients.
  • Step 3 – Cook it for 15-20 minutes then take it directly or put it into a blender to get smooth drink.


 Fruit juice – Fruits like apple, grapes, banana, kiwi, orange & berries can make a nice & tasty blend for a perfect juice. Patient can take 4-5 serving in a day, it contain all the nutrition value which can be very much beneficial for good health.

Health Drink For Cancer Patient - fruit juice

  • Green tea – Cancer patient find it little difficult to digest their food, green tea contain antioxidants which helps digestion. They can take one cup of green tea daily in that way they also feel fresh & energetic.

  • Health Drink For Cancer Patient - green tea
  • Protein shake – Cancer patient can also use ready made protein powder specially based on milk, soy beans, rice, and egg whites. This kind of supplements helps to gain weight as cancer patient lose weight during the treatment. It boosts your natural immunity and gives your body the materials it needs to rebuild tissues during cancer treatment.


    Lemon juice – lemon contain high levels of vitamins, including Vitamin C,that have been shown to help prevent cancer. It increases the immunity power which is very much needed to fight with cancer.


    “Surviving cancer is a tough job for every patient but apart from medicines & treatment health drinks can help them naturally to increase the chances of survival.”